Meet Gia! 🥳
Angelina (or Gia), joined our team as a receptionist in June of 2022 after moving to Chico for school! She joined the veterinary field in 2020 due to her love of animals and strong desire to care for the pets in need. Her favorite part about the veterinary field is that there is always something to learn. Whether it may be learning about new medication or about a specialty medical procedure, she is always happy to gain more knowledge! Despite her love for animals, she is a Psychology major and spends the majority of her free time doing homework. 😵‍
Gia loves animals so much that she has a cat and a dog of her own! Kiki is a sweet calico kitty with a permanent grumpy face. But don’t let her RBF fool you! Kiki’s favorite activity is sitting in laps so she can soak up all the attention from anyone willing to offer! Her new puppy, Kylo, loves any type of treat that you can offer and long walks in the sun. Gia also enjoys spending time with her pets, friends, and family. She loves to try new food and explore new places that Chico has to offer!