Jessica originally studied to work as a nurse assistant and dietician. She decided to switch fields to zoology and has been working as a kennel assistant here since June '18. Jessica's passion for all things cute and creepy means she owns some interesting pets! She owns 2 cats, 1 Hognose snake, 1 Day Gecko, 1 [...]


Crystal joined us in September of 2020 as a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT). She worked at veterinary hospitals in the Bay Area for 14 years before making the big move to Chico. She grew up surrounded by dozens of pets which inspired her to become an RVT. Crystal is still surrounded by many pets today. [...]


Sam has been working reception for the hospital since July 2018. She began working with animals as a volunteer before interning and eventually joining the CAH family. Sam graduated from CSU Chico in 2017 as a Humanities major, but couldn't ignore the call to help animals in need. Growing up, dogs were the only household [...]


Esme has been a part of the team since April of 2018. She first began her career in the animal field back in February of 2010 when she started interning at local clinics. She is now on the way to becoming a Registered Veterinary Technician! Esme grew up surrounded by cats and dogs, so her [...]


Chrissy works as both a receptionist and a vet assistant (best of both worlds!) She worked as a VA in Oroville before joining us earlier this year. As a local Chicoan, Chrissy enjoys the dog-friendly environment. She has 2 dogs at home named Nacho and Chica who do their best to keep Chrissy on her [...]


Elizabeth joined Chico Animal Hospital as janitorial staff in November of 2020. She is currently studying in the Butte County ROP program to become a certified veterinary assistant. Elizabeth has always had a huge heart for animals. She hates to see them suffer, so learning how to help animals heal is her passion! Elizabeth has [...]


Josh joined Chico Animal Hospital in July 2021 as a janitor/facility worker. His passion for working with animals started at an early age and was encourage by his family. They fed all the neighborhood strays, making sure they were well-cared for. Josh says he is happy to be doing this job because if the hospital [...]


Laura joined us in June of 2021, she currently works as a Kennel Assistant and a Customer Service Representative. Growing up beside one of the great lakes in Pennsylvania, she gained a deep appreciation for nature, and wildlife. No matter where she was, her love of animals was constant, so the veterinary field was a [...]


Taylor joined us in October of 2019 as a Customer Service Representative.She is currently studying to become an elementary school teacher. Growing up, Taylor was active in both 4H and FFA. She raised steers and worked with pigs. The baby piglets were her favorite! Taylor is the proud owner of a 10 month old kitten [...]

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