Hallmarks of Quality In Dog & Cat Foods:

posted on Apr 02, 2012

In order to help out the pets and their friends who come to the Chico Animal Hospital, we have listed some things to look for when purchasing an animal’s food, to make sure that the food is of high quality for helping the pet live a healthy life. Make sure...Read More

What Can I Add To My Dog’s Diet???

posted on Apr 02, 2012

Many times we are asked, what healthy things can I add to the commercial dog foods for my pet? The following are items that can be added. But remember- these items do contain calories, so you may have to cut back on the commercial diet being fed, so that you...Read More

Heartworm Infection And Your Cat

posted on Oct 06, 2011

Most pet owners know that Heartworm disease is a deadly threat to dogs, but few pet owners are aware that Heartworm is also a threat to our feline fiends.  Studies indicate that up to 26% of cats show signs of heartworm disease over the corse of their lives, and 10%...Read More

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